IMG_3548Welcome to my world, an UK expat mum of one living in Sweden. Spreading love, light and laughs through my experiences. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

An extrovert, expat, who is exceptional, excited about life, exhausted with life, with expensive taste, extra special (in every sense of the word), and and explosive Leo who’s sharing her experiences with you.
I like to set the trends instead of follow them so we are the excentric 3 (not eccentric).


My alien life 👽 - In this day and age, it felt hard becoming an expat, mainly due to all the issue we are currently seeing regarding immigration. I wanted to fit in automatically and try my hardest to learn the language but when you get to my age it’s not so easy.  I definitely wore my vulnerability on my sleeve.
D for – Disconnect to Authentically Connect. - I encourage everyone, including myself, to ask yourselves “am I connecting to disconnect (from the "every day")?” If the answer is yes, I urge you to rethink that strategy.
Norma E the expat OG – Part 1 The Journey - "While it was smooth sailing on the seas, the same could not be said for on the boat." By the time they reached Southampton, England, there had been lots of celebrations, drama and even some horror stories -
C for my Cheerleader of a spouse - If it hasn’t come across by now, I’m a firecracker with a slightly crazy/psychotic side. Like everyone else, I’ve had different romantic relationships, some I remember fondly, some that rocked me to my very core and I choose to block out. Sometimes I look back and don’t even recognise myself. That is to say I […]
#Metoo, you three, us four – a letter to my daughter. - Dear Eva, I am so happy the #metoo movement started because sexual misconduct can and does happens to people in all shapes and forms. As a mother this is extremely important to me, to see the tide is finally turning when it comes to the shame and secrecy that surrounded sexual wrong doings when I was […]

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