Looking after two extra kids for 24hrs, no worries…😳

They look so innocent don’t they ……. in the words of Michael Kyle eeeeeeerrrrr naaaah!!!

Let me take a moment to introduce you.
Eyla – “The Godmother” 3 years old with two older brothers she’s learnt to be tough very early on. She strikes fear into all who dare challenge her. Pain is nothing to her and she will always do what she wants to do or she gives you the look.
Eva – “Smiles” 4 year old only child. Very happy, the performer of the family. Very mouthy, scrappy and cuts you with one look. She starts the fight – the godmother will finish them.
Kian – “Mumbles” middle child older brother to Eyla. He says very little but his action at times are worrying. He can sneak up on a person without them knowing. The Godmother is training him well. When he gets that look in his eyes – Damien is alive!!


I love having our place filled with kids laughter and noise, as long as I have wine nearby. So I was excited when my sis in law asked me to have her two little ones for the weekend. Eva adores her cousin and as an only child she gets so excited when there are kids at our place instead of having to go to their houses instead. Not to mention when I have them it’s my very own Swedish class😄. I was good auntie Lisha went and got my supplies – I’d been wanting to make sugar cookies with Eva for ages and now I had the perfect opportunity specially as Swedish summer was in full swing so outside was SHITE!

Lordags godis (Saturday sweets), cookie ingredients, bread and sandwich filling, yoghurt and of course cheese doodles.

Unfortunately, my hunky but annoyingly absent minded husband booked laundry for the wrong day so the only slot left was from 2-6 when he was conveniently heading to work at 2.30 😠 and did I mention we live on the top floor of a 4 storey apartment building with no elevator 😡 Ohhh and on top of that I didn’t know he’d screwed up the slot until I lugged a large bag of laundry all the way down to find I couldn’t get in the room 😤 Kinda wish Eva wasn’t there when I realised that as the words “he is soooo annoying fell out of my mouth” and she replied “silly daddy” 😬

So I decided to make the dough for the kids cookies and roll it out so they could use the cookie cutters before we had to go down to the laundry. They got so excited when I showed them what we’d be doing with the cookies, very cute. Kev helped me with some words I was unsure of but I was able to explain to them how to use the cutters and it worked. The smiles were priceless, Eyla and Eva kept jumping and clapping and Kian was already checking which cutters he wanted to use first.


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All I was missing was my Miss Hanagan glass of gin and pearls

Laundry time!!.. Every 40 minutes or so we’d head down and sort the laundry. I realised very quickly I had to lock them in the laundry area with me and eventually just the washing room to avoid shouting every 2 minutes “what are you doing?”, “stop playing with the doors”, “stop shouting”, “listen to me”, “stop it”, “what did I say” – I needed wine!! Once I got them helping me sort the clothes it got a lot smoother, I posted the video of them working away on Instagram too cute. All I was missing was my Miss Hanagan glass of gin and pearls 🍸🤔At this point I’m pretty proud of myself the cookie cutting was a hit, Eyla had run up to me a few times cuddled me and said my Lisha😍 and I managed to get them to enjoy doing the laundry. “I got this peeps” I I grab the first load that has dried nicely and tell the kids it’s time to go upstairs. As the walk out of the laundry area into the basement hallway I turn to lock the door and as I’m messing with the stupid thing I realise it’s gone really quiet. And then I get worried, what have they done, where have they gone, are they gonna jump me???? I look to the left and to the right there’s no way they could have got to either end of the hallway it far too long. Have they opened the door to the stairwell and headed back up to the apartment? I run to the door open it and hear ” Where is Lish” My reaction which is fear, mixed with relief and complete shock at the top of my lungs “I’m still here, STOP AND WAIT FOR ME!! WHAT ARE YOU THREE DOING??!!”

As I grab the laundry and run up the stairs to catch them it dawns on me and  I have that Jurassic part moment everyone dreads!!….

raptors_in_the_kitchen____by_ceratopsia-d9gxyqk (1)

Kian knows how to open those doors!!

So no – we did not leave the building and yes – I managed to lose them!!!Fast forward to the kids finishing their Lördags Godis fun bags and going nuts for the next hour and then becoming tired….. bathtime!!! I tell them all to strip and use the toilet so I could put them in the bath. It’s 7.30pm or as I’d like to say way past wine time!!!While they use the toilet I grab the bath robes for after. I walk in to find them sitting in the bath and shouting ready!!!! Couldn’t help but laugh they are nuts but sooo cute with it.

YEA IT WAS TIME FOR BED!! I went to lie down with them and passed out!

Now they are all ready for laying on our fab sofa bed in the living that sleeps 4-5 adults no problem. The kids were winding down Eyla fell asleep and the other two were engrossed in a movie. So I went and tidied up the kitchen from the sprinkle shower we had earlier and the wine must have gone to my head because I did two back to back HIIT videos. Checked on them afterwards still the same Elya asleep, older two watching the movie eyes going. So I jump in the shower, leaving the door open incase Kian tries to break free again! 5 mins in I hear shouting i shout back for them to knock it off because Eyla is sleeping!! Doesn’t work so I come stomping out the shower only to realise it’s Eyla that’s running around shouting chasing other two!!🙁

YEA IT WAS TIME FOR BED!! I went to lie down with them and passed out!

In the morning I got loads of cuddles from the girls in the morning and they all got so excited that they got to decorate the cookies. Kian was excited to take them home to show his mum. Eva couldn’t wait to use the sprinkles and show daddy what she had made. Eyla was just excited to eat the cookies!!


  • Don’t stress, it’s actually better to stretch an activity into the next day where possible.
  • TV is good every mother needs a rest – notice I say mother not babysitter.
  • Lördags godis is good!!
  • Wine is good!!!
  • Children of the same ages have different abilities – opening different door types, see everything as a blank canvas for pen work, go from sleeping to 1000 km/hour.
  • If they are laughing and there’s a mess- Mess is good.
  • Wine is good!
  • No clothes is always better than overalls when doing any sort of decorating.

Sleep is good ….. wine is better! We love you Vegas goodnight!!😴😴😴


One thought on “Looking after two extra kids for 24hrs, no worries…😳

  1. Haha I can only imagine the magnificent chaos. Sounds like the kids had an awesome weekend though. Now you’ve looked after 3, one should be no problem 😂


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