My ocean – by E. Danare

I look out at the beautiful horizon where the sky meets the sea and it’s breathtaking.

The glistening of the sun on the waves is like a portrait of heaven for me.

The waves dance around my feet – letting me know that they’re still there…. but I am in control.

I can wade in or paddle gently at the shore, while observing all the beauty around me.

My friends, my family, my hopes, my dreams. 

Now I’m in and the sea is waist high, which is OK, I know how to swim.

I’ve learnt how to breathe under water and not be afraid when it’s all around me.

At times it’s nice to close my eyes and dive to the bottom. To let it wash over me and burst back out with a feeling of relief and triumph.

This time the water is up to my shoulders and the current is really strong.

It took no time at all for me to get so deep and it takes all my energy to get back to shore.

I can see everyone in the distance carrying on as normal smiling at me, waving.

I don’t have the energy to shout out for help. My thoughts go in to survival mode:

breathe, power through, get to shore, recover. 


 I wake up in the perfect storm. Yes I saw the clouds in the background.

But, I was sure I would be out of the sea by the time they arrived.

In what feels like a matter of seconds I’m knocked off my feet, violently swirled around

and repeatedly crashed into the ground.

The wind is knocked out of me. My entire body aches, there’s a pounding sensation behind my eyes and I’m struggling to focus. People are talking to me but I can’t hear them it’s just white noise. My ears are filled with water.

Finally, the storm clears, the water recedes and I’m standing on the shore again, the waves dancing around my feet ….. Ready for the cycle to start over…