I love my city!! Malmö is my kinda town.

As a mamma bear I have realised how important it is for us to feel settled. As mothers we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we are moving our families. Whether that is a permanent move to a new home, new country. Or just a holiday with the kids. 
I believe it’s due to the “nesster” we become when we learn we are pregnant. 
We want to build a safe and secure environment for our little bears at all times wherever that may be.
I realised the more I fell in love with Malmö and secured a job so I was contirbuting to the financial safety of our Excentric 3 the happier I became. The saying is true happy wife happy life.
So I am celebrating the fact that Malmö has my heart and here’s my list of reasons why:
  • It’s thumbs down not finger up (flipping the bird)! For the second time in as many years, I have seen a cyclist tell off a driver by looking them dead in the eye holding out their arm and dropping their thumb down with dramatic effect!! I have yet to see someone flip the bird. This was my first realisation I had moved to no ordinary country.

  • Zoos the most amazing sweets ever!!!! These little red nuggets of love were the second Swedish thing for me to fall in love with after my hubster. (pic)


  • 3) Swedish Fika!!! Everyone loves a Swedish Fika trust me!!! All the worlds wrongs could be put to rights during a Fika! Gotta love a country that has given drinking and eating cakes an important name all of it’s own. It’s not just a noun but a verb too! It’s something you do, not just something you eat. You need to watch this video Swedish fika!!

  • The Ikea motto to all meals for the holidays –
Easter – meatballs, eggs, sil, meat cuts, sausage, bread and cabbage.
Midsommer – meatballs,eggs, sil, meat cuts, sausage, bread and cabbage.
Xmas – meatballs, eggs, sil, meat cuts, sausage, bread and cabbage.
Even the drink is the same Julmust – changed to Påskusk for Easter 😂
  • Days of our Lives!!! They still run Days of our Lives on tv people!!!
  • Family friendly – I have yet to go in to a restaurant, cafe or shop in Malmö where I get the “ugh she has a kid with her look”. Instead I get welcoming greetings and smiles at Eva as she walks around singing and talking at the top of her lungs. Or she gets compliments on her hair and people touching it.



  • The Malmö canals, it runs through the centre of Malmö and adds the most beautiful vibe to the city park – Slottstanden – there are boat tours, pedalos and professional rowers enjoying it throughout the year.

  • Bike riding – who doesn’t like to feel like a kid again and bike everywhere!! Especially when you have a little singing ladybug in the back seat – our Eva.





  •  Midsommer – because what is a life without taking the day to welcome summer with, good food, good drink and good company. While decorating a good old fashioned penis tree to dance around. midsommar


  •  Ribban a gorgeous beach that is a 10 min bike ride away with a gorgeous view of the Oresund bridge. The beach is just so much fun especially in the summer with all the free activities. This is Sweden so of course there is a naked sauna unisex I have yet to visit.




  • Snow, I love snow not slush people….. REAL SNOW waking up to a gorgeous blanket outside is awesome!! It’s like Santa sent a little present to remind us Xmas is coming!!

  • Gorgeous parks spread out around the city each one with beautiful scenery, lakes and play areas. Each one reminds me Regents or Hyde Park in their own way and I can easily walk to each of them. They’re literally 10 mins apart by bike!! In the summer they have free concerts and events for everyone. All year round there are free training groups – yoga, workouts etc.




  • Kebabs OMG!!! Swedish kebabs are amazing and give a whole new meaning to the word gyros!
  • IMG_6989  Hemakväll – its a beautiful heavenly place. People from all walks of life get together and appreciate all the Hemakväll has to offer!! SWEETS GLORIOUS SWEETS
  • There is no such thing as bad weather just bad dressers. We can sit outside all year round with blankets and heaters to eat, drink and be merry.

Malmö you’re my kinda town 🎤 🎧 🎼

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