Top 5 Feel good film moments

Sometimes we just need a reason to uncontrollably laugh until we cry or have a good cry until we can laugh again. But we might need a prop to do so! I love that films have the ability to transport you to a world where your attention is fully focused on them and not every day life. Even if it is just for a couple of hours. A break or escape from the norm. Maybe a chance to feel an emotion that you haven’t been able to achieve naturally through every day interactions.

To be honest at this point in time, if I watch the news or read the latest breaking BBC News alert, I can find more than enough reasons to cry. So in light of that I’m listing my top 5 feel good film moments. The ones that literally make you feel the warm dancing fairies in your belly, a huge smile spread across your face or happy tears fill you eyes. The ones that make you think “how beautiful”, “that’s what it’s all about”, “yaaaaaas”, “love that”!!

As I’m a talker and huge lover of films I am aiming to keep it to the top five to avoid people not reading the list all the way through😂😂:

  • While You Were Sleeping – this film is so magical. There are so many feel good moments!! Not only the charm and sweetness in Sandra Bullocks portrayal of a lonely woman just watching time go by. But the absolutely fabulously charming, chatty, loud, funny and argumentative Callaghan family. There are too many scene that warm my belly or make me laugh out loud. But the Christmas Day scene where Lucy (Sandra Bullock) watches the family interact, and then you see they have hung her a stocking up even though she said she couldn’t make it!! Reminds me of my family both blood and extended. Always more than enough love, laughs and drama to go around!! The final scene sums out the cuteness of that family!!  To give you a taste of the classic that this film here are some of the best quotes ….
  • “I don’t drink anymore …… I don’t drink any less either”
  • “I like mass better in Latin, it’s nicer when you don’t know what they’re saying.”
  • “Talk about it now he can’t kill you in church!!”
  • “I’m sick?!! You’re the one cheating on a vegetable!!”


  • My Best Friend’s Wedding  I love this film because it causes us the righteous viewers to actually cheer for the bad guy (Julia Roberts) Let’s face it who doesn’t want her to end up with her big love. From the incredible “Say a Little Prayer” sing-a-long to the interesting wedding attire – only Jules had a stunning dress at that wedding and she wasn’t the bride!! The scene that get’s me feeling good literally like I am bubbling over with happiness is when she has made her peace with losing her love. She gave him her blessing and sent him on his way, and then sits alone at a table coming to terms with recent events. But as it should be she is not alone. Her friend comes back to dance the final dance with her and “While she senses he is in fact gay! ….. There wont be sex 😱 but my god there will be dancing!
  • Housesitter – When you put Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn together it’s the perfect feel good film recipe. This film has me smiling and laughing out loud 10 minutes in and it doesn’t stop until the end credits start to roll. A married couple who are cute, funny, argumentative and insane except they aren’t really married!! From Newton’s (Steve Martin) freak outs to Gwen’s (Goldie Hawn) hippie ways that totally remind me of one of my best friends Justine this film is one of my got to favs. Gwen has the face of an angel and swears like a sailor, befriends her homeless neighbours and later has them pose as her parents, dances to her own beat in her African dance lessons, falls in love with a dog twice her size and uses armchairs as beds. She has this mischievous grin that lets her slide when she says/does things she really shouldn’t. 1)There are two moments in this film that make me laugh out loud and get that warm happy feeling.When Newton actually brings home Chinese food for Gwen because he assumes she’ll be tired – a story Gwen made up about Netwon to make him look good. She was describing her dream partner and now she sees that’s what he is. 2)The fight they have as they wave goodbye to the reverend after marriage counselling is so cute as it confirms they are on the road to becoming a real couple. The dance scene seals it as one of my favourite scenes of all times that always makes me laugh!!
  • Mamma Mia – The lead up to the epic Dancing Queen scene. Donna is feeling overwhelmed by her past and does the usual female move of blaming herself. While relaying that to her friends they shoot her down straight away and sing to  remind her how amazing she was and still is. I love this it shows how being around your friends can, at times, bring you from the lowest thoughts to a such highs especially by reminiscing and them reminding you of – who you are. It speaks to woman empowerment – women supporting other women. Whether they are rich, poor, promiscuous or a lone wolf. Another scene I adore from this film is when the Dynamos sing Super Trooper to Sophie at her hen do. You can feel and see the love Donna has for her daughter and how much it is reciprocated. As a mother of a daughter myself it resonates strongly with me. My Eva loves watching this movie, she loves singing and dancing. Every time this scene comes on she wants to dance with Mamma.
  • Sex and the City 1 – New Year’s Eve scene – this always fills me with such warmth. I think we have all found ourselves on our own during some holiday (Xmas, New Year’s, Valentines) that amplifies the fact that we are alone.Could be due to a bad break up, a fall out with your friends, housebound due to sickness and no one has visited, a new single parent maybe. For a moment whether it’s fleeting or lasting we feel utterly alone and helpless. Remember being alone and being lonely are two very different things – my great uncle told me that. In SATC Miranda calls Carrie as she says she gets soppy watching everyone on New Years while her son is with her recently estranged husband. When she realises she woke Carrie up she rushes her off the phone. Carrie turns the light off and then after 5 secs jumps out of bed heads across town on New Year’s Eve to get to her friends door just in time for the New Year to start. As Miranda opens the door she is totally shocked and Carrie says “you are not alone”. I have been in a similar situation and heard my friend’s sorrow in her voice on the phone so headed across town to give her a cuddle and listen in person.

I can see the thread in these moments I’ve picked can you. I hope you’ll take the time to watch/rewatch one of these. Or watch some of your own favourite feel good movies.



One thought on “Top 5 Feel good film moments

  1. Love this list… especially Sex and the City and Mamma Mia 🙂 One of my favourites is Maid in Manhattan… am a dreamer you see 😉 Thanks for sharing xx


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