B for – Bravely Balancing Blogging

When choosing a theme for B it made sense to go with Blogging as it is my new passion. But as I started to think deeper about how it has influenced me, I realised there’s a bunch of B’s that represent this journey I’m on.

Bravely Balancing Blogging …….
BLOGGING is something I have wanted to do since we decided to move to Sweden. I wanted to document the move as it was completely unchartered territory for me. Plus, I expected to have some down time while looking for work. But the timing was not right as I didn’t realise how much of my energy would be taken up with settling in to my new Malmö life.
Finally after taking part in someone else’s blog last year the itch came back and I was ready to start my own. I decided on a site name and then bought the domain. I needed that push and buying the domain was it for me. I hate to waste money! Once the site and Instagram page went up – “stuff just started to flow”. I love Instablogging its short and sweet and captures my personality really well.
I am someone who has several funny, nutty voices in her head, which produce daily brain farts that need to be shared. As luck would have it my first born is exactly the same as me. Sarcastic, witty, insane, a performer and a smiler. Instagramming her is soo much fun!!
The aim of my blog is to spread good vibes. Whether that’s by making people laugh at a crazy moment I have Instagrammed. Or writing about the parts of mum life that people don’t always share – the “banging your head against the wall” moments, the “much needed couch potato” moments, the “need to scream into a pillow” moments and how wine can help with most of that.

BRAVELY blogging is exactly what this process is. Once you decide to make your thoughts and your life public you open yourself up to criticism. Let’s face it starting a blog in this day and age where “trolling” is the new buzz word – WTF am I doing?! But as strange as it sounds I am actually finding myself becoming more more thick skinned/confident in this public arena. I have had to ask myself:
  • How much am I willing to open up?
  • How honest should I be?
  • What boundaries should I have? 
But since moving to Sweden, I noticed I have become braver than I have in years and also the proud of being me. I don’t know whether it’s an age thing or recognising how strong I can be (after this move), or maybe both. Oddly enough I still need to get better at receiving criticism from people I know, but I AM getting there.
What allows me to continue being brave and pushing myself is the fact that if strangers don’t like what I write they can read something else, unfollow me. There is actually no justification for sending me negative messages as it’s just a reflection of their OWN issues. Just keep it moving. That’s the mindset I have adopted for blogging because not everyone is gonna like what I say and vice versa. But in those instances we can just keep it moving. As the old saying goes:
You don’t have to buy what I’m selling!!


BALANCING this fabulous new diadem of Blogger amongst my other ones is not easy. In fact I have found that more often than not one of those diadems – Mum, Wife, Friend, Daughter, Employee, Blogger, Student – gets worn. So then it is in need of a spit polish and some attention. Right about now the student diadem is full of cobwebs so I need to get my backside back in gear at SFI.
So why add another one you may ask? I guess it’s because this Blogger diadem is just me. It’s not a role to for anyone else’s needs but my own. My need to express myself, to document my life and passions. If I am able to bring smiles, laughs or comfort to others that is just the icing on the cake.
This site and my Instagram is for me and me alone. Yes it’s stressful at times, especially as I already have a lot to do but it allows me to tap into another side of myself. I have tapped back into my creative side, writing, photography, poetry and travel. I now find myself reading more and broadening my knowledge. It has made me take more of an active roll in my life instead of staying in the “eat,work, sleep repeat” rhythm.
We all aim to find the balance in life, at times it can be a crazy circus act that is overwhelming. But I do think that if within that balancing act there is a personal passion that you are able to nurture it will give you the strength to push forward and succeed.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” Maya Angelou 


2 thoughts on “B for – Bravely Balancing Blogging

  1. Beautifully written! I love how honest you are, through both the blog and Insta! Really enjoying following you… and you know you crack me up lol! Keep at it… xx


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