My top ten list for moving to another EU country.

I know everyone is different, but I thought it would be good to list my top ten tips for making a move to another country based on my move from England to Sweden. Hence the EU reference. As much as I didn’t enjoy it when I was younger, preparation is everything.
Top ten lists of things to do in prep for moving abroad🇪🇺:
  1. Visit the place you plan to move to a few times, go to restaurant or bars. Strike up conversation about moving if you don’t know anyone and get some insight into what a move would be like. Nice areas to live, how central do you need to be.🍷🍝
  2. Print multiple copies of P45, P60s and last year of payslips and electronic copies. You will more than likely need to produce your work and tax payment history.🗂
  3. If you are moving to a country where one of you has citizenship register your marriage in that country – speak to the relevant embassy. Can cut out a lot of red tape after the move in terms of registration🎊
  4. Do some investigating based on your relationship status. Moving as a single person varies in registration logistics compared to if you are married. Also if one of you has citizenship the requirements of what your partner will need to supply can also vary based on whether you are married or not. 👩🏾‍💻
  5. Start looking for expat networking groups that you would fit with – expats in (country), in your area, English speaking parents in your local area. Remember everyone’s experiences are different but there are some logistics that they can shed some light on. i.e. where to right to stay registration, school registration, accommodation searching,  job searching, language school etc.🔎🔎📝
  6. Check if there is an order in which you should register. For example, I didn’t know that I should get an ID card as soon as possible and how much easier that would have made things. Google – expat registration in that country – there are many forums and also the country’s tax office should have site pages with those details.🛂
  7. Do a spring clean 2 months before you move. Go through your closet and make sure you are taking stuff you really will wear again. Moving costs a lot and you will more than likely change your homewear style so dont get too attached to a lamp or particular cushion. 📦
  8. If sending things with a moving company pack a suitcase as if you are going on a suitcase 2 week holiday so you are covered in case of delays. Be prepared for – things to break and for costs to change from the original booking . If you are not ruthless, you may find more to pack.🚚🛄
  9. Ask your bank in your current country how easy it is to change your address and contact details from abroad – can it be done by phone or letter. Also, check how the verification on payments may or may not change with you in another country. This can become an issue later on.🏧
  10. If you have the time try to start learning the language before you move. Just get the basics down – greetings, pleasantries  – and go from there.

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