C for my Cheerleader of a spouse

If it hasn’t come across by now, I’m a firecracker with a slightly crazy/psychotic side. Like everyone else, I’ve had different romantic relationships, some I remember fondly, some that rocked me to my very core and I choose to block out. Sometimes I look back and don’t even recognise myself. That is to say I would have ended up in jail if Elisha 30yrs+ was the person those guys were dating back then. Nuff said!
As luck would have it, I met the love of my life when I was in that head space.
Luckily for me by the, summer of 2007, I had gotten closure with those previous relationships and for the first time in 18 months was content in being single. I was loving my life, my home and my career when I met Kevin. They say“you attract the vibe you give out and I totally believe in that”.
I was so happy with “me” at that point and I wasn’t looking for anyone. I was just enjoying being a stronger and better version of me. I’d come out of “that fog“. I was up for meeting new people, making new friends and having new experiences.
As luck would have it, I met the love of my life when I was in that head space. Now don’t get me wrong of course I didn’t unleash all the crazy straight away!! We were very on and off for the first 2 years of getting to know each other. But I do believe I had a premonition when I met Kev as something felt very different. Not love at first sight but definitely lust and knowing, on some level, that this man would be very important to me to my life. I couldn’t put my finger on it but as much as I thought I had moved on from him, each time we said goodbye, I don’t believe I truly did.
I never felt like I had to pretend to be something I wasn’t with Kev and what was more important I never felt that I wanted to. But when we decided to give it a proper go and Kev moved to England he finally got to meet all of Elisha. Yes! All my personalities started to shine through in the first year of living together.
I have been in relationships where I’ve had to compromise myself to allow the other person to feel seen and heard. But when the time came and we were behind close doors they could be loud, aggressive even violent at times. Yet to the outside world that person was seen as the mousey quiet one in our relationship. That was wrong and I shouldn’t have allowed that. Yes, opposites do attract, but you must own your flame and not let anyone else diminish it.
Kev says he “embraces my crazy”. He often tells me that I drive him nuts but that he still loves me in-spite of that. He knows I am a loud mouth, opinionated, high maintenance nutter BUT he also knows he’s lucky to have me, as I am him. Of course we butt heads and we argue like mad. But what I love about Kev is that he has never been intimidated by me as the woman I am nor has he viewed it negatively to hold against me.
Kev and I have come to compliment each other as we continue to build our life together.
I think it’s because we both recognise and accept each others role within our relationship – I’m the planner and nurturer, he is the protector and doer.
While he is definitely a man child, who can’t be separated from his playstation for more than 24hrs at a time, unless on a beach somewhere; can take laziness to a whole other level;  an annoying alpha male, who is stubborn as a mule.  Hes my mule and he is without a doubt the ONLY person I want to grow old with.

Over the years our relationship has changed from one filled with romance and occasional banter, to one filled with banter sprinkled with romance. He still has the old fashioned ways of putting his hand on the small of my back during dates, opens doors for me and holds my hand to get out of cars. Yet the pet names have evolved from “baby” and “babe” to “idiot” and “dum dum”. I dry hump his leg on a regular basis and he squirms calling me a sex pest. I say he’s handsome he replies with “I know”.  AWWW LOOOVE!!

He is my ultimate man crush everyday because he truly sees me, he helps build me up not bring me down. No matter how much my ex would like us to try again I’m happy where I am. So David you can keep your millions and your international lifestyle thank you. Elisha Beckham doesn’t have as good a ring to it as Elisha Danare anyway.
While he would not let me add them to our wedding vows. We have promised to grow old together and stay together when we come back from the dead as zombies.



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