For those that know me, my love of films and tv is fabulous if I do say so myself! (“Ollo” – Megamind – “How you doing?” – Friends)

I’m a girl from Slough in England, yes Slough its SL1 and the queen lives in SL4 so it’s all good!!

As a kid I loved Backstreet Boys, Friends, movies, sitcoms, computer games and doing Ace Ventura and The Mask impressions  …. as a mother and approaching 34 I love Backstreet Boys, Friends, movies, sitcoms, computer games and shoes!!! Aaannnd the occasional Ace Ventura impression.

I have a bachelors in Psychology maybe that led to me becoming the Oprah (neutral party) of my family and friends. I have a love hate relationship with exercise and a love love relationship with ice cream, Macdonalds and mini choc chip muffins!

I moved to Sweden with my gorgeous husband and amazing baby girl 2 years ago and have come to really enjoy documenting our life through social media and thought why not go further. Why not try to spread some pure good in these not so light times.

The excentric3.com has lifestyle blogs, advice columns and editorials, as  well as recommendations, fun tips and tricks for every occasion. That’s the plan anyway!!

So why all the ex words – In short, I’m an extrovert of an expat, choosing to excel at this new life path with my exceptional friends and family. Also, I always wanted to be one of the X-men.


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