Expat Trials & Tribulations

Day 2 of relocation – bike ready


Moving to another country brings so many conflicting feelings – excitement, anxiety, bravery, fear, happiness, frustration …. to name a few.
By sharing some tips and experiences of my own move from England to Sweden hopefully I can help someone feel not so crazy or alone as they navigate quite a stressful but hopefully rewarding new life story.


  • My alien life 👽 - In this day and age, it felt hard becoming an expat, mainly due to all the issue we are currently seeing regarding immigration. I wanted to fit in automatically and try my hardest to learn the language but when you get to my age it’s not so easy.  I definitely wore my vulnerability on my sleeve.
  • Norma E the expat OG – Part 1 The Journey - "While it was smooth sailing on the seas, the same could not be said for on the boat." By the time they reached Southampton, England, there had been lots of celebrations, drama and even some horror stories -
  • My top ten list for moving to another EU country. - I know everyone is different, but I thought it would be good to list my top ten tips for making a move to another country based on my move from England to Sweden. Hence the EU reference. As much as I didn’t enjoy it when I was younger, preparation is everything. Top ten lists of […]
  • The view through others doors with expats 3 & 4 - When we are going through significant changes or periods in our lives, it tends to feel like we are alone on an island. It’s as if the blinkers come up and our brain keeps telling us no one could or would understand how we feel. It blocks out the notion to lean on a friend, […]
  • Expat Girl Crew members 1 & 2 - While everyone’s path is different – the whys and the hows. If you are able to connect with people who are in the same area as you, wearing the expat hat, it can be a very positive network to have. I say the same area because as we all know the people and ways of […]
  • I love my city!! Malmö is my kinda town. - As a mamma bear I have realised how important it is for us to feel settled. As mothers we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we are moving our families. Whether that is a permanent move to a new home, new country. Or just a holiday with the kids.  I believe it’s due […]
  • Everyone asks me why Sweden?? - So I’m always asked “why did I move to Sweden?” especially by Brits when I have to call and sort something back in the UK. Whenever, I’m asked I think “why not!” Well to be honest from a young age I always knew I wasn’t going to raise a family in England. Nothing against England […]
  • How traditions are made, Swedish camping 🏕⛺️ - I survived!!!! We survived thank you jesus!!! For my birthday I decided to push my comfort zone and go camping with our friends and family. The place was called Verkasjön, a little piece of paradise just an hours drive from our home town Malmö. My gorgeous Swedish cousin Tina (through marriage) suggested it. As you would […]