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This corner will be a lovely mix of all things weird and wonderful!! I warn you once you step into my mind all bets are off! My take on my favourite things to do – fashion and flicks, wine drinking, ladies nights. As well as opinion columns and advice columns.



  • #Metoo, you three, us four – a letter to my daughter. - Dear Eva, I am so happy the #metoo movement started because sexual misconduct can and does happens to people in all shapes and forms. As a mother this is extremely important to me, to see the tide is finally turning when it comes to the shame and secrecy that surrounded sexual wrong doings when I was […]
  • I love my city!! Malmö is my kinda town. - As a mamma bear I have realised how important it is for us to feel settled. As mothers we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we are moving our families. Whether that is a permanent move to a new home, new country. Or just a holiday with the kids.  I believe it’s due […]
  • My ocean – by E. Danare - I look out at the beautiful horizon where the sky meets the sea and it’s breathtaking. The glistening of the sun on the waves is like a portrait of heaven to me.
  • This geek should have patented her script early!! - OK guys, I have said it on my Instagram it’s true I’m a bit of a geek…. and I love it. First off – I love comic books, cartoons and games. I used to get home from school, watch an hour of back to back cartoons, go and play football with my mates, then home for […]
  • A for Alone Time -   I am writing this blog from a beautiful quaint hotel lobby in central Malmö. Every time I have walked past The Hotel Duxiana I have stopped and looked in the window and said out loud “how beautiful, I need to go in one day”. Well today is the day and it is more beautiful […]