Alphabet city


Sometimes we need a little help with inspiration. Well mine is from the alphabet why not it’s one of the first things we learn.

So as I go on this journey of blogging once a month, I will take the next letter of the alphabet and from that pick a subject that means something to me. It’s actually been a lot of fun I hope you find it fun to read.




  • D for – Disconnect to Authentically Connect. - I encourage everyone, including myself, to ask yourselves “am I connecting to disconnect (from the "every day")?” If the answer is yes, I urge you to rethink that strategy.
  • C for my Cheerleader of a spouse - If it hasn’t come across by now, I’m a firecracker with a slightly crazy/psychotic side. Like everyone else, I’ve had different romantic relationships, some I remember fondly, some that rocked me to my very core and I choose to block out. Sometimes I look back and don’t even recognise myself. That is to say I […]
  • B for – Bravely Balancing Blogging - When choosing a theme for B it made sense to go with Blogging as it is my new passion. But as I started to think deeper about how it has influenced me, I realised there’s a bunch of B’s that represent this journey I’m on. Bravely Balancing Blogging ……. BLOGGING is something I have wanted […]
  • A for Alone Time -   I am writing this blog from a beautiful quaint hotel lobby in central Malmö. Every time I have walked past The Hotel Duxiana I have stopped and looked in the window and said out loud “how beautiful, I need to go in one day”. Well today is the day and it is more beautiful […]