I’m talking and listening

  • #Metoo, you three, us four – a letter to my daughter. - Dear Eva, I am so happy the #metoo movement started because sexual misconduct can and does happens to people in all shapes and forms. As a mother this is extremely important to me, to see the tide is finally turning when it comes to the shame and secrecy that surrounded sexual wrong doings when I was […]
  • My ocean – by E. Danare - I look out at the beautiful horizon where the sky meets the sea and it’s breathtaking. The glistening of the sun on the waves is like a portrait of heaven to me.
  • A for Alone Time -   I am writing this blog from a beautiful quaint hotel lobby in central Malmö. Every time I have walked past The Hotel Duxiana I have stopped and looked in the window and said out loud “how beautiful, I need to go in one day”. Well today is the day and it is more beautiful […]
  • Colourblind in a colourful world 🌈 - I have been thinking about writing a piece on my second mum for a while now, as my early childhood wasn’t the norm – but then who’s is?!! Anyway, on our recent second honeymoon to Sardinia Kev and I started telling funny stories about my second mum and he then said “you need to write […]
  • Birthday Bucket list 🎂🥂✨ - I’m a dreamer and I like it!!  Tomorrow is my birthday – Leo’s are the best you know!! I keep thinking what do I want to do that I have never done before. So over the last few weeks I have been writing down my bucket list. What I love about writing this list is […]
  • Looking after two extra kids for 24hrs, no worries…😳 - They look so innocent don’t they ……. in the words of Michael Kyle eeeeeeerrrrr naaaah!!! Let me take a moment to introduce you. Eyla – “The Godmother” 3 years old with two older brothers she’s learnt to be tough very early on. She strikes fear into all who dare challenge her. Pain is nothing to […]
  • When anniversaries aren’t a good thing. - This morning I woke up in the worst mood with an awful headache. Morning cuddles with Eva was nice but as we got ready my patience was almost non-existent and mamma had her snappy hat on. Normally when I get to her dagis (Swedish nursery) I de-stress en-route because I’m going to miss her while […]