Fashioon & Flicks


Too Wong Foo thanks for Everything Julie Newmar – I was looking for a picture that encompassed fashion and film. NAILED IT!! This page is dedicated to the joy and sorrow I have experienced through fashion and films. I’ll be reminiscing as well as recommending so stay tuned and share you thoughts!

  • Top 5 Feel good film moments - Sometimes we just need a reason to uncontrollably laugh until we cry or have a good cry until we can laugh again. But we might need a prop to do so! I love that films have the ability to transport you to a world where your attention is fully focused on them and not every […]
  • This geek should have patented her script early!! - OK guys, I have said it on my Instagram it’s true I’m a bit of a geek…. and I love it. First off – I love comic books, cartoons and games. I used to get home from school, watch an hour of back to back cartoons, go and play football with my mates, then home for […]