We Excentric 3



What do you get when a mouthy, quick witted girl from Slough meets a fire breathing Swede named after Kevin Keegan …….. A beautifully talented cuckoo for coco puffs baby girl named Eva that bring us so much joy it’s everything!! Our family does lots of singing, dancing and laughing! We have moved from Camden Town , where Eva was born, to Malmö by the sea in Sweden. We are a bilingual family although some would say we are trilingual as we know most of the words to Despacito now 🙂 We hope to create some laughs and camaraderie among our followers as we navigate that crazy little thing called parenthood. Tips and tricks to be shared by all so let’s get to it people…


Location: Casa de Danare Photo by Pappa

Coz let’s face it nobody’s perfect or normal – but then who wants to be!!!